Porch Railing Ideas to Beautify Your Porch


Featuring your porch with railing can be done in many ways. Whether it is a small or large porch railing, you can always make your porch well surrounded with railings. The railings are not always a kind of fence that surrounds the porch, but it can also be installed in a small structure to provide support for you when you climb to your porch steps. Moreover, porch railing can be decorative as well as functional. Here are some porch railing ideas that you can use to decorate your porch railing.

Stained wood porch railing is one of the ideas that you can use to build a beautiful porch railing. However, a stained wood porch should be well decorated to enhance the look. If you want to stain your wooden porch, consider using the same color to stain it. However, if you want to use some shades, start staining the middle portion of the porch in one shade and the other sections in another shade. A contrasting design can also be made by staining the middle part in black and the other areas in a lighter shade. Instead of staining, you can also painting. Paint the railings in the same color as the trim while the trims should be in the same color as the house so that everything can be pulled out together. These are some porch railing ideas that you can use to give a better look to the porch railing. When painting, you can stick to a style of your house to make it as one of the parts of the house instead of standing alone.

There are some options wood that are used in porch railing such as composite and vinyl, which are not real wood, but a combination of wood and plastic. They are in some features better because they are not rotting or splintering like solid wood. Also, they are available in many styles that can be matched to different home styles. So, depending on the type of porch railing you want, you have many options of porch railing ideas that are suitable for decorating your porch railing.

Some safety ideas of Railings for Stairs

Stairs can be a helpful tool for going up to the second floor easily, but it can be a dangerous feature in your house especially for children. Tripping and falling on the stairs is very easy the impact can be very serious. This is way when building railing for stairs, the safety is the first thing that should come in mind. No matter what kind of style of stairs that you make, make sure that the railings are appropriate is so much more important. So, put some things into consideration, think well about the design and get all safety requirements needed.


If you think that your railings are not safe enough, remodel them if necessary. Never doubt to do this and never worry about the cost of the remodeling. This is very important to do because something bad might happen if you leave the unsafe railings. Safe stairs are those with closed backs that can keep children from falling through. Railings’ board up should not be too far apart because too far board railings give chances to children to slip right through or get stuck. A good rule for railing stairs board up is no more than 2 3/8 inches between the crib slats. So, consider this rule before building railing for stairs.

Check your railings if there are some damaged parts and replace them immediately. Check the carpeting and make sure there is no wrinkle because even a small wrinkle can catch the tiny toes of children. So, be more careful. Whether it is building railing for stairs, remodel or just check for some problems, you have to properly make sure that everything is okay. Never leave something wrong in the stairs. Whenever you find them, go fix them soon. By keeping your railings in a good condition all the time, you will protect your children from anything bad caused by the stairs.